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About Us


is our first young children's program. This program will meet every month for crafts, food, and fun. Target group are ages 1-11

Kid's Club

is our leadership program designed to build leadership skills.

Leaders of Tomorrow

is our tutoring program designed to help members meet their scholarly potential.

No Sister Left Behind

is a program designed to help members learn the value of a dollar and learn money saving methods.

Money Management

 is a safe zone designed to give members a place to talk and voice their options on day to day issues they face.Through this program they can also sign up to get a mentor.

Sister Circle

is a program designed to help enhance inner and outside beauty through different seminars. Through this program they will learn proper hygiene and etiquette to help them in today's society. 

Beauty & Brains

 is a two part program which includes coupon clipping for local charities and creating a food pantry. Families will be able to sign up for the food pantry to receive alerts when food is available.

Sister 2 Sister Care Program

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