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Previous Events

Sisterhood Club presents Black Business Network Circle

Black Business Network Circle is a free way to advertise your business to other businesses in the area. All you have to do is send your marketing materials to 

Sisterhood Club 225 Saint Louis Ave #11015, Saint Louis, MO 63135

You can register your business below stating that you will mail in your marketing materials and that you would like a swag bag as well. We will do the rest to be sure all materials are put into swag bags. In order to be apart of the network circle you must support at least 3 of businesses/organizations within 3 months of receiving your swag bag. Swag bags will be available for local pickup and shipping on 10/3/2020. There will be a shipping fee for swag bags.


Most Precious Promotions Benefit Concert

MOST PRECIOUS PROMOTIONS 1st Annual Unity 4 All Benefit Concert is Feb. 12th at The Space on 3106 Locust, St. Louis. MO. This is for the community and the music activist in this city. Donations will be made to homeless shelters and a Girl Leadership/Education Club called Sisterhood Club. Benefits are paid performances and helping charities. The Sisterhood Club is looking for everyone to attend this event. This is a great way to help the Sisterhood Club help the young girls in Saint Louis, Mo.

Sisterhood Club 1st Annual Skating Fundraiser

Come out and celebrate with the Sisterhood Club. We are hosting a skating fundraiser at Coachlite Skating Rink off of I-270 and St. Charles Rock Rd. We are looking to raise money for the Pink Ladies Dance Team uniforms and also for trips, events, etc. So please come out to support us on this special day. Fundraisers are used to assist organizations with financial needs in order to assist these young girls properly in their day to day needs as well as "Sister Time".

Sisterhood Club 1st Annual Easter egg Hunt/Bash

The Sisterhood Club is giving back to the community on April 21, 2011 by hosting an Easter Egg Hunt/Bash. This event will take place between the times of 4pm and 7pm at January Wabash Park close to Airport rd and N. Florissant Intersection. At this event we will have nail art, face painting, egg decorating, egg hunting, contest, etc. This is just to name a of the the few things that will be going on this day. This is a family event we have activities for all ages. 

1st Annual Mother Daughter Day

Come out and have a great bonding experience! The date is TBA at a later date. There will be a meal and plenty of activities deigned for mothers and their daughters. The Sisterhood Club truly believes that having a healthy relationship with your mother is key. We do understand that there are some without mothers so, please feel free to bring your motherly figure.

Jeans for Teens

The Sisterhood Club is sponsoring this event to helps those in need. The Sisterhood Club will be collecting jeans. With these jeans we will be donating  to teens in the community. We would like gently used jeans for teen girls and boys, just think how rewarding it would be to know you are helping one in need. If you would like more information about donating posts and/or volunteering please feel free to leave a message under the contact us tab.

If you have any questions about any of the events please feel free to email us at

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